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Specialised in storage of bulk sugar, bagging and handling into container (bulk liners, big bag, 50kg bags) for export and loading of bulk silo trucks for domestic deliveries. Thanks to its 4 independent silos of 15,000 t each, Sucre Océane is the only port terminal operator offering a full traceability for 4 different grades of sugar. Sucre Océane provides the sugar industry with logistic solutions for door-to-door shipments of food quality sugar, both import as export, including inland transportation services.

Technical information

Storage capacity (t)60,000
Silos4 independent silos of each 15,000 t
Other equipmentFully equipped for reception of silo trucks with sugar
Products handledSugar: food quality EU beet sugar


Hangar 52
Port 3791 Chaussée Hermann du Pasquier
76600 Le Havre

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