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Dedicated customer on site services in soda / minerals handling

SALS AD stands for Soda Ash Logistic Solutions AD. SALS AD is a partnership between Euroports and GRANEX Bulgaria.
SALS responsibilities include packing light soda, dense soda and sodium bicarbonate, loading vehicles, operating the dense soda conveyor belt to the port of Varna West, transporting bagged soda and sodium bicarbonate to ships in the port and maintenance and cleaning of the packaging and loading installations. Approximately 750,000 tonnes of goods of soda is packed on a yearly base.

Technical Information

Total handled bulk soda ash700,000 t/y
Total packed volume soda ash750,000 t/y
Quarry hauling & transport volume limestone4,000,000 t/y
Storage capacity fertilizers10,000 m2
Mobile equipment6 front loaders, 5 excavators, 10 dump trucks, 2 reach stackers, 20 fork lifts, 10 trucks, 5 cisterns, cleaning equipment
Warehouse Equipment1 Fixed BB line and 1 mobile bagging lines for 25 – 50 kg bags, weighing and palletising facilities, fork lifts
Products handled
  • Fertilisers
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Containers
CertificationsISO 9001:2008


Sals AD
South Industrial Zone
Sklad Sals
9160 Devnya

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