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… whether freight forwarding services, contract logistics or intermodal cargo transport. Focus on your main business and we will organize your transports.

Container transport

We offer sea-side and land-side container handling and transport at various terminals.

Ferry and Ro-Ro lines

When it comes to ferry and Ro-Ro transport, not only the short turnaround times are of great importance, but also the transport connections.

The Rostock overseas port has heavy daily ferry traffic on Pier I. Employees of EUROPORTS Papier- Lager- und Umschlaggesellschaft mbH (PLU) and EUROPORTS Ferry Stevedoring Rostock GmbH (FSR) ensure smooth handling of paper reels, ferry and Ro-Ro goods. Direct rail and motorway connections ensure quick pre- and on-carriage of goods.

Our EUROPORTS Ferry Stevedoring Rostock GmbH specializes in processing ferry lines. Thanks to the latest technology and qualified staff, we are able to meet the different requirements of shipping companies.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal cargo transport is carried out by Rostock Trimodal GmbH on Pier I. Thanks to our well-trained employees and two gantry cranes, we can handle around 130,000 loading units per year.

The following shuttle trains run regularly:
✓ Italy
✓ Czech Republic
✓ Romania
✓ Slovakia
✓ Luxembourg and
✓ within Germany

Contract logistics

We take care of all tasks along the value chain, from acceptance of goods to commissioning and shipping them to the customer. We ensure your goods are stored safely and administered optimally.

We also perform additional services such as assembly work and quality testing.

Focus on your main business yet remain in control at all times.

Forwarding services

Goods must be transported in and out Port of Rostock. Our employees take care of proper pre- and on-carriage.

EUROPORTS‘ in-house forwarding specialist Manuport Logistics (MPL) also offers a fully integrated supply chain solution with a wide range of forwarding services.

✓ Sea freight
✓ Road freight
✓ Rail freight
✓ Air freight
✓ Warehousing
✓ Coastal shipping and inland shipping
✓ Customs inspection
✓ Container transports within the port

Manuport Logistics serves a diverse portfolio for customers with specific industry needs, ranging from consumer goods, textiles, flooring, steel, complex project loads and sugar to forest products, fertilizers, food, chemicals, oils and other liquids.

We can help organize your transports. Let’s talk!


As the largest handling service provider in Rostock´s overseas port, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, with know-how, speed and quality.

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