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We give our customers the security of swift and efficient performance because of many years of experience in handling all types of goods – both sea-side and land-side.

Handling Agricultural products

On Pier IV, the grain terminal. We load our customers´goods on board large vessels using modern conveyor belt systems and ship loaders.

For swift handling, in addition to qualified employees, two powerful grain loaders are available for your products with an hourly output of up to 1,200 tonnes. A grain lifter with an hourly capacity of 300 tonnes completes our technical equipment.


Not only is the overseas port in Rostock the only deep-water port on the German Baltic coast, it is also the most important transshipment port for grain exports.


At the Rostock overseas port, various types of fertilizer are handled on the fertilizer quay on Pier III. For handling, a conveyor belt system, 1,100 m in length, is connected directly to a ship loader. It loads incoming vessels at a throughput speed of 1,000 tonnes per hour.


Our EUROPORTS Düngemittel Dienstleistung Rostock GmbH exports and stores fertilizers in this terminal.

Building materials, bulk and waste

On Pier III and Pier IV in the port of Rostock, our employees specialize in handling dry bulk materials such as coal, ores and gravel, as well as building waste and other waste. We facilitate swift handling with two powerful portal cranes, two bunker bridges, conveyor belt systems and qualified employees with many years of experience.


Our EUROPORTS Bulk Terminal Rostock GmbH is a port handling company that specializes in handling bulk products and commodities.

Mineral oils & liquid products

Rostock oil port has 3 giant tank depots with a total capacity of approx. 700,000 m³. These are used to handle mineral oils, vegetable oils and other liquid goods and meet the highest security guidelines.

The tank depots have six berths and offers transshipment opportunities for seagoing vessels up to 100,000 tdw as well as tank trucks and tank wagons. A wide variety of refineries also receive their oils via pipelines.


Grosstanklager-Ölhafen Rostock GmbH is an independent tank depot with a total capacity of approx. 700,000 m³ for the storage and handling of mineral oils, vegetable oils and other liquid products.

Wood and forest products

At Pier I in the port of Rostock wood and forestry industry products are handled carefully and adeptly. Our employees ensure that the loading and unloading of pallet goods, cellulose bales and paper reels runs smoothly.

The very good connection to the A19 and A20 motorways and the well-developed rail network enable the goods to be transported away quickly.


Our EUROPORTS Papier- Lager- und Umschlaggesellschaft mbH specializes in handling and processing ferry and Ro-Ro goods.

Metal and steel products

From sheet metal to bars, coils and section steel, our employees handle and store countless metals and steel in Rostock’s overseas port.

Capacities for this are available on Pier II, as well as Pier I and Pier III. These terminals are equipped with the latest technology and are awaiting your products.


Equipped with 13 berths and a total quay length of 2,680 m, conventional goods of all kinds are handled here.

Machinery & equipment

Handling large technical devices not only requires our employees’ expertise, but also the right equipment. Large containers and tanks, heavy-weight propellers, transformers, special machines and other heavy goods or project cargo can be handled on Pier II, the General Cargo Terminal.

The transport routes for heavy machinery and equipment often pose major challenges for people and technology. The excellent connections via the A19 and A20 motorways create the best conditions for getting the heavy goods quickly and safely onto the vessel or the road.


Our EUROPORTS General Cargo Terminal GmbH is the most universal part of the overseas port in Rostock.

Heavy goods and project loads

Heavyweight machines and systems, as well as project cargoes and other heavy goods are loaded or unloaded at the EUROPORTS General Cargo Terminal on a daily basis.

The share of renewable energies in particular has grown worldwide and with it the demand for wind turbines. To meet this demand, we assist our customers in handling and storing wind power components. Whether rotor blades or tower sections, all of these components go via our terminal on Pier II.

✓ Appropriate access routes and storage areas for heavy loads
✓ Harbor mobile cranes with a load capacity of up to 288 t
✓ Extensive heavy goods equipment
✓ Expertise in the heavy goods sector


We have more than 15 years’ expertise in handling wind turbines and other heavy-duty projects.