Safety is
OUR responsibility

EUROPORTS has a globally integrated QHSE management system that focuses on identifying hazards and the means to eliminate or mitigate them. The system includes the nationally recognized regulations according to ISO9001. We are also committed to complying with the standards of the International Maritime Organization (SOLAS and ISPS).

Theory is good
practice is even better

We take security at EUROPORTS very seriously and strive to act in such a way as to not endanger people and the environment. For this reason, we view it as our responsibility to carry out a regular risk and hazard assessment of all tasks in order to identify and eliminate any risks and dangers in advance. Daily shift handovers (take five) and monthly safety walks are just as much a part of this as annual audits and continuous technical improvements.

A Global Safety Day takes place every year at all terminals of the EUROPORTS Group worldwide. These include first aid measures, training and practical exercises on fire protection, evacuation exercises for employees on cranes and ships, as well as instructions on correct posture and movement in the workplace.

Safety is our responsibility.